How To Buy The Right Propeller For Your Boat Motor

Broken propeller and need to learn how to buy the right propeller for your boat motor? Well, look no further. The answer is within this article. Propellers can become broken by hitting rocks, logs and other obstacles in low or shallow waters. Propellers affect the speed of your boat, efficiency pick-up and most boat performances. For this reason, you need to know how to buy the right propeller for your boat. Without the right propeller your boat will not run at its full performance level.

When purchasing a new propeller there are a few things to look for:

  1. Propeller diameter is dictated by gear case design and the engine. Propeller diameter is the distance across the tips of the propeller blades. The larger the diameter, the better efficiency you will have when running your boat. For this reason, the diameter is crucial when purchasing a propeller.
  2. The pitch is the distance the propeller pushes the boat forward. This is called "theoretical." Propellers cut through water but the actual distance traveled is called "slip."
  3. High pitch props give better fuel economy. With this in mind, the boat will be able to get better and faster speeds as long as your boat can obtain this with an open throttle.
  4. Lower pitch blades will enable you faster planing to get out of holes quicker. This is nice for those who are in fishing tournaments. Always test the propellers to see which one will fit the need you are looking for in boat motor.
  5. Propeller rotation is right or left handed. Right handed propellers rotate clockwise. Left handed propellers rotate counterclockwise. The number of blades vary by boat. The more blades you have on the propeller the smoother the boat will run.
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