How To Buy The Right Windsurf Board

While knowing how to buy the right windsurf board is important for anyone who enjoys sailing, it is vital to choose the right board if you are a beginner. Finding the proper windsurfing board is much more complicated than purchasing the sail, mast and boom. The size of the board, its performance ability and the water conditions are all factors that need to be considered when buying a windsurfing board.

  1. Determine the type of conditions for which you will use the windsurfing board. There are a variety of types of windsurfing boards available. Race boards can be used in most wind strengths and can carry the heavier-built windsurfer. Freeride boards can blast back and forth at varying speeds and are the most common surfboards for beginners. Wave boards are designed for sailing in waves and swells. These boards are recommended for experienced windsurfers.
  2. Consider the size of the windsurfing board. If you plan to windsurf in areas with strong winds, have an average stature and weight and have good sailing skills, then a smaller board would give you the best ride. A beginner board is usually average in length, lightweight and about one meter wide to give the beginner better stability.
  3. Understand the variations of windsurfing board performance. The performance of each board varies as well. Some boards are easy to maneuver, and other boards are known for better speed in low and high wind conditions. Tuning kits are available from some manufacturers to allow you to change the performance level of the board. A beginner may use a daggerboard insert while it is needed, then remove it as he becomes more experienced.
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