How To Buy Snowshoes

Have you ever wanted to go snowshoeing but are wondering how to buy snowshoes? When choosing a pair of snowshoes visit a quality sporting goods store and take a look at the various types of snow shoes available. You will find that snowshoes vary by materials, binding and traction, all of which go towards supporting the type of snowshoeing you intend to do. Buy the smallest snowshoe that will support your weight, as bigger snowshoes can be more unwieldy.

  1. Determine the type snow shoes you need based on what you will be using them for. There are three types of snowshoe uses: recreational, for general hiking; mountaineering, used for steeper terrain; and aerobic, used in competitive snowshoeing.

  2. Consider the type of frame you want for the snow shoe. Most snowshoes are made from aluminum, however some are made from carbon fiber, plastic and even wood. Wood snowshoes typically require more maintenance than other materials.

  3. Choose the type of binding you are looking for in your snow shoes. Bindings keep your boots attached to the snowshoes. The type of bindings you want will depend on what you are using them for. Aerobic snowshoe bindings are lighter while mountaineering will require more heavy duty bindings.

  4. Consider the type of traction you will want. Mountaineering requires heavy traction on both the heel and forefoot while aerobic snowshoes have extra traction at the toes.

  5. Determine the size snowshoe you need. First determine your approximate weight with your gear on. You will then need to consult the manufacturer's size chart to determine what size snowshoe to get based on your weight.



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