How To Buy Timex Vintage Watches

How to buy Timex vintage watches can be a fascinating exploration. What are vintage watches? They are the mechanical watches made prior to the 1970's revolution when mass produced quartz and disposable plastic watches became the ones to own. That caused many vintage watch companies to go out of business and created a desire in many people to collect the antique variety, such as Timex, for the quality, intricate workings, special features, craftsmanship and investment purposes.

  1. Vintage watch showrooms have restored collectible and rare watches if repairs are needed. Actually, there are many vintage watches, such as Timex, that still exist today in excellent working conditions and perhaps only require a good cleaning and inspection. These showrooms devote themselves to featuring collectibles with their history down through the years so that you know exactly what you are buying.
  2. Companies and collectors who specialize in Timex watches often will post online with all the specific details. You will often find unusual buys this way.  You might locate solid gold dress watches, a military pilot's World War II chronograph and other exciting discoveries.
  3. To be on the safe side, it is best to purchase from a dealer that is a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors ( You will normally find that these dealers also offer warranties, expert watchmaker repairs (also, repairing of family heirlooms) and a short money-back time period. 
  4. Check with your older relatives. Many of them will have a vintage Timex watch sitting in their drawer and wouldn't mind passing it along to you.
  5. If there is an estate auction in your area, look through the advance inventory to see if old jewelry or watches are listed. You can often find some surprisingly wonderful watches in that collection.
  6. Go to long established local jewelers who might have vintage Timex watches sitting in the back room because they were not sold in the past.
  7. If you are an outdoorsman, you might search for  the Timex Expedition Watch designed for rugged reliability. It is shock and water resistant (including the strap) and has an Indiglo night light to make it easy to read in the dark.  
  8. If you want something very special for a dress-up occasion, search for the Timex INDIGLO Two-Tone Dress Sports Watch. This is a gorgeous version of the Timex Indiglo watch. Its face has white gold bars for all numbers except 12, and there is a silver tone compass and a blue nautical compass. 
  9. You might be able to locate vintage watches with bands made of lizard, shark or crocodile skins as well as genuine leather.

A vintage Timex watch is a piece of history, as well as a unique and rare joy to own. Good luck with being able to find and buy one.

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