How To Buy A Tommy Lee Drum Set

It is no surprise that many drummers who look up to Tommy Lee wonder how to buy a Tommy Lee drum set. Unfortunately, Tommy Lee does not have his own drum set line. However, you can put together the pieces he uses to create your own drum kit just like Tommy Lee. 

  1. Find a place that sells DW Drums. You may have to call around at different music stores or ask fellow drummer friends to find out the best place to buy.
  2. Check out the pieces in Tommy Lee's drum set. He has several pieces, but if you want to have a set just like Tommy Lee you will need to purchase all of them. You can start by getting the main pieces and add on as you go. The drum set includes 16X32 Kick Drum, 16X26 Kick Drum, 6.5X14 Bronze Snare, 11X14 Rack Tom, 14X16 Floor Tom, 16X18 Floor Tom. Cymbals include 14” Z Custom Splash, 15” A Rock Hats, 18”Z Customer Projection Crash, 19” Z Customer Medium Crash, 19” Z Custom Thrash Ride, 20”A Custom Medium Crash, 22” K Heavy Ride with Larger Zil-Bel inverted and 22” Oriental China Trash. You will also need 10' Professional Series Pad, 13” Professional Series Pad, Large Mouth Chrome Cowbell, two DW 9000 Double Kick Pedal and a DW 9000 Hi-Hat Stand with out legs.
  3. Try out the different pieces at the store. As much as you may want a replica Tommy Lee drum set, it will not do you any good if you don't like the sound or the feel of the drums when playing.
  4. Keep in mind you can add pieces as you go. Chances are you don't have Tommy Lee's bank account to pay for all this at one time and that is fine. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don't put yourself in the whole over these drums. You want to have time to play and practice not work 60 hours a week to pay for them.
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