How To Buy Used Food Carts

You want to know how to buy used food carts. You have decided to go into business for yourself and you want to save some of the start-up costs. You decided to buy good used food carts instead of new food carts. Buying used food cards is easy and you can save yourself a lot of money going this route.

Things You Need:

  • Internet access
  • Telephone
  • Notebook and pen
  • Truck w/hitch
  • Credit card and/or cash

  1. Decide what kind of used food carts you want to buy. Are you going to work at fairs and carnivals? Are you going to use the food carts for specific events? Are you going to be a street vendor? You decide what you are going to do. Write this all down in your notebook.
  2. If your town has carnival people living in it, you may be in luck. During the winter months, carnival people sell some of their used food carts. Go to the area where the carnival people live and see what they have for sale. During the winter months, carnival people need money. This can be a bartering tool when you try to buy used food carts they may have for sale.
  3. Go to a local flea market. Some vendors will sell their equipment at flea markets. Look around and ask some of the vendors if they know of somebody trying to get rid of their used food carts.
  4. Go online and check out some of the companies selling used food carts. Be aware, online companies will try to get top dollar for their used equipment. Check out a half dozen places and check out their prices.
  5. Go to eBay and make a search for used food carts. You will have to limit the search to your area. You do not want to travel a thousand miles to buy a used food cart. Compare the prices.
  6. Look in your local newspaper. Go to the classifieds and see if somebody is selling used food carts. If they are, call them and check the used equipment out. Compare the prices.
  7. Many areas have magazines for sale in gas stations. These magazines are usually near the front of the store. The magazines deal with items people have for sale in the particular are where you live. Buy a magazine and look for used food carts for sale. Check out the prices and call any that interest you.
  8. After you have finished your searches, decide where you will get the best deal on used food carts. Make sure you check out the food carts. Are they in good shape? Do they work well? Are there any guarantees?
  9. Buy the used food carts that meet your needs, your price and are in the best shape. A warranty or a guarantee in writing is a plus when buying used food carts. You do not want to lose money while you are in the process of trying to save money.



Flea markets, local fairs and carnivals are great places to find used food carts.

Buy online only as a last resort.

Check your local newspaper and magazines.

Look for guarantees.

Pay only what you are willing to pay.

Localize searches.

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