How To Buy A Used Jet Ski

If you're looking to enjoy a water toy this summer, you need to know how to buy a used jet ski. These motorcycles for the water can be beat up by previous owners, so there are some tips and tricks to know before you pay top dollar for that used jet ski.

  1. Check the hours on the jet ski. Jet ski gauges register hours run instead of miles ridden (such as on a motorcycle). If you're looking to buy a used jet ski, you should select a jet ski with less than 100 hours on the motor. In this case, less is definitely better.
  2. Ask about previous owners. Buying a used jet ski from an older man or woman probably means that it was ridden more conservatively. You're best off if you get a used jet ski from the original owner.
  3. Ask to see maintenance records. Jet skis require yearly service to flush the engine and, although it's not a difficult process, not everyone is diligent in doing the maintenance. Oil must also be changed and seals lubricated, so make sure you've got  the paperwork proving the jet ski was kept up.
  4. Check the value of the jet ski on Kelley Blue Book. Head over to the internet and look up the retail and trade-in values for the used jet ski. You'll at least have an idea of the price you should expect to pay.
  5. Ask to get the trailer thrown in for free. You must have a trailer on which to transport the jet ski, so ask up front that it be included in the jet ski price.
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