How To Buy A Used TiVo

If you are looking to save a little cash, knowing how to buy a used TiVo can go a long way towards that.  Although the price of TiVo has fallen in recent years, it is still a costly device.  When purchased from a credible seller, a used TiVo can be as good as a new one.

  1. Check out eBay.  As one of the premiere sites for purchasing junk other people don't want, eBay is leading the supply of used TiVos.  There are many credible sellers on eBay who have a used TiVos for sell.  Before purchasing from anyone on eBay, check out their seller's rating and reviews from other buyers.  Use common sense when purchasing a TiVo on eBay.  Avoid sellers who have a low rating or an outrageous number of bad reviews.
  2. Buy a used TiVo directly from the manufacturer.  Factory renewed, or refurbished, TiVos are sold on the device's official website.  Prices vary depending on which device you purchase.  If you purchase directly from the website, you will also get a warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.  
  3. Hit up Amazon for great deals on used TiVos.  There are a number of independent sellers that offer used TiVos at great prices.  You may even qualify for a discount on the shipping.  As with eBay, check the seller's rating and reviews before purchasing.  Purchases through Amazon often come with a guarantee from Amazon.

If possible, try to secure a warranty or money back guarantee for your used TiVo.  You don't want to end up stuck with a faulty device.  

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