How To Buy Vintage Cartier Watches

Learning how to buy a vintage Cartier watches is a fairly easy task if you know what you’re buying and where to look. Cartier has been known for their timeless masterpieces and a long standing company since 1847. Having sold pieces to nobility the first Cartier watch was created in 1888 so depending on the vintage Cartier watch you are looking for your search should being in a little research to ensure you are investing in a true Cartier and not a replica.

  1. Knowledge and expertise. You need to know first what you are buying and if the vintage Cartier watches are truly genuine articles. There are various books on the market that tell you exactly what to look for to ensure your vintage Cartier watch is genuine. With the art of jewelry design at its highest many designers are able to make knock off’s that pass muster.
  2. Purchasing from a reputable seller. Once you have located genuine vintage Cartier watches you will want to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable seller. To ensure your seller is reputable check with the better business bureau, ask for references, or check around within your circle of friends or acquaintances.
  3. Steer clear of certain online markets. If you have found a vintage Cartier watches on venues online where you cannot view the vintage Cartier watches first you are taking the risk of purchasing a high priced knockoff. If you are able to view the vintage Cartier watches prior to purchase make sure you ensure your safety first by not going alone.
  4. Check out second hand shops. In this day and age many people are donating items to second hand shops with out knowing the value of the items they have. You never know what treasure you may be able to find when visiting second hand shops. 
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