How To Buy Vintage Concert T-Shirts

Learning how to buy vintage concert T-shirts for yourself or for a raving band fan friend can be a challenge. Often, these shirts from days gone by have long found the way into dumpsters or rag bags. With a little detective work and a touch of footwork, you can locate and purchase one of these treasure.

  1. Find old fans of the band. Buying vintage concert t-shirts may be as simple as finding an older fan of the band whose shirt you seek. Fans who saw the band live "back in the day" or were young when the band was at the height of popularity are more probable to have original band shirts in their closet.
  2. Search thrift stores. People donate older clothing to charities when it is no longer in use. When buying vintage concert T-shirts remember that not everyone stays a fan of a band forever. Often, after the love has faded, the vintage shirts wind up in the donation bin.
  3. Search for the band's web site. Buying a vintage concert T-shirt is sometimes as easy as finding a site dedicated to the band on the web. These sites sometimes offer merchandise from past concerts. Frequentors of the site may offer their own vintage shirts for sale or offer to trade for other merchandise. These same persons can assist you in your search. If you are not too particular, they offer reproductions of the originals.
  4. Search for sales online and in the paper. Online stores and want-ads can assist you in buying vintage concert T-shirts. Sites including Craigslist and EBay will allow you to search for the item by band name and concert using the search assistant.
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