How To Buy Vintage Dirt Bike Parts

Are you wondering how to buy vintage dirt bike parts? Vintage dirt bike parts are available through a variety of sources. Finding the correct part or parts to work with your vintage dirt bike may be a combination of research, speaking with a handful of knowledgeable people, seeing if a piece from a similar dirt bike will work and/or finding a professional to fabricate parts that will work on your vintage dirt bike.

  1. Know the year, make and model. You will need the bike's year, make and model to buy the correct part or parts needed for the vintage dirt bike. If the numbers are scratched off or impossible to read check the paper work that came with your bike or contact your state for a copy of registration papers. A small fee may be required for an additional set of registration papers.
  2. Match the part exactly. Some representatives of companies may try to sell parts that will not work well with your vintage dirt bike. Lack of knowledge or a clerical error in a supplier's order book is the primary reason for these mistakes. Make sure you research what parts you need and be informed. 
  3. Locate salvage yards, suppliers or collectors. These are places that will know how to buy vintage dirt bike parts. They may or may not have a part available for purchase but they can refer you to someone who has the part or parts you need or can lead you in the right direction.
  4. Read internet threads. Valuable information and leads are available on these threads. Many times vintage shop owners are the one's who start these threads to assist others.
  5. See if an off brand or another brand part will work with your bike. Research the internet thoroughly before a purchase to see if a vintage part from another supplier can be substituted for a part on your vintage dirt bike.
  6. Vintage Days.  This annual event is held in many locations throughout the nation. Vintage street and dirt bikes and parts are offered at these weekend sales events through a variety of vendors.



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