How To Buy Vintage Guitar Amps

How to buy vintage guitar amps in today’s market offers several opportunities, you just have to know where to look. Whether your reason for wanting to buy a vintage guitar amplifier is for musical interest, display or an investment, the results for buying vintage guitar amps are the same.


Consider these options first when looking to buy vintage guitar amps:

  1. Online auction sites offer a wide variety of choices sold by individuals, collectors or businesses. You are sure to find vintage guitar amplifiers from many different eras and manufacturers.
  2. Online (or local) classified advertisements provide two opportunities, one is to post a want advertisement the other to search for sellers of vintage guitar amplifiers.
  3. Online specialty shops offer vintage guitar amplifiers for sale and in some cases trade. They offer a wide variety and in many cases store warranties at no additional cost to the buyer.
  4. Music stores sometimes have consignment sales or at least a private property sales board where you may be able to find a vintage guitar amplifier for sale or trade.
  5. Flea markets and garage sales provide a viable option. More leg work and could take much more of your time but if it is a nice day and you are looking for an excuse to get out, why not?


These are your best options for buying a vintage guitar amplifier.

Whatever your choice, be sure to do your homework. Understand the payment methods and guarantees provided to you by the seller. Some provide no piece of mind while others will back their vintage guitar amplifier up to one hundred percent.  Always, if it is available, try the vintage guitar amplifier out. Put it through its paces (gently) to ensure it is what you want.

Buying vintage guitar amps does not have to be difficult, there is no reason it cannot be as simple as any other purchase. You just have to know where to look and understand the mechanics of the transaction.

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