How To Buy Vintage Leather Suitcases

There are a lot of reasons for you to know how to buy vintage leather suitcases. Having unique vintage leather suitcases will help you avoid any mix-ups in baggage claim, and every time you travel, you will be the envy of everyone at the airport. But buying a vintage leather suitcases can be more time consuming than picking up some luggage at the mall, but it is infinitely more fun. All you need to buy a vintage leather suitcase is some time to search the internet and the time to get to know your local thrift stores.
  1. Check the internet. Online auction sites are fun places to buy a vintage leather suitcase. Everyday people are moving and cleaning out closets and attics so that they can get rid of their stuff and make a few bucks. People that will post a vintage leather suitcases online will usually ask for a reasonable price since their goal is to clear clutter. Knowing how to buy a vintage leather suitcase online is a fun way to get some killer luggage without breaking the bank.
  2. Visit your local thrift stores. Everyday your local thrift stores and charity shops get loads of merchandise donated to them, including vintage leather suitcases. Most thrift and charity stores will have their luggage section cornered off inside the store. Once you find their luggage section, dive in! The only down side in visiting your local thrift stores when you are looking into how to buy a vintage leather suitcase is that you may have to make a lot of trips to different stores to find the perfect vintage leather suitcase. But when you find it, it will make all of the dirt and grime involved all the more worth while.
  3. Hit some estate sales. Estate sales are also great places to buy a vintage leather suitcase. An estate sale is basically a fancy garage sale, and just like at a garage sale these families are looking to get rid of their attic clutter and turn a quick buck. But instead of running into broken toasters and old microwaves like at your neighbors garage sale, estate sales are more likely to have quality vintage leather suitcases. Just like buying a vintage leather suitcase at your local thrift store, buying a vintage leather suitcase may take some work and shopping around. But nothing beats the rush you get from picking up a great vintage leather suitcase at a great price.
  4. Shop at vintage stores. Vintage stores shop at the same estate sales and auction web sites as everyone else. Then they take the vintage leather suitcases and refinish them to make them look better. The upside of buying a vintage leather suitcase from an vintage store, it that you will get higher quality vintage leather suitcase, with all of the buttons and straps refinished or replaced where needed. The only down side to buying a vintage leather suitcase is the cost. Because the suitcases that they sell have been freshened up, they’re able to charge a lot more money for vintage goods.
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