How To Buy Walking Shoes

Do you want to know how to buy walking shoes or how to choose the best kind? Try walking into a shoe store first. Comfort and quality are great factors in finding the right pair. Wether it's comfort or fashion you're looking for in your walking shoes, both can be achieved with the right amount of time and effort.

  1. Find local shoe stores or your nearest mall.  Finding local shoe stores or your nearest mall is a good place to start. What name brands do you prefer, if any? Going to an athletic store will help give you more specialized attention and attendants who may know more about walking shoes and how to help you find the right fit.
  2. Try before you buy.  Make sure to grab an attendants attention to try on a pair of walking shoes. Tell him your shoe size so that he can get it for you. Try it on. Look in the mirror. See how it looks on you, and how it goes (or doesn't go) with your outfit. Start walking. How does it feel? Feel the top of the shoe to see where your toes are. The walking shoes should be comfortable and not too tight around the toes. When you walk, they should feel comfortable and light. Just imagine that you're going to be walking with them on; they better be comfortable!
  3. Ask about the return policy.  Make sure you ask about the return policy incase you find the shoe isn't right for you and want to return them.

Most importantly, if you like how it looks on you, and how it feels, you'll be most likely to wear them, and wear them often. Make sure to buy something you actually like, and have fun with your new walking shoes as you stroll around the neighborhood or go on a light hiking trail.



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