How To Buy Whiskey Barrels

Looking how to buy empty whiskey barrels does not have to be that difficult. Believe it or not, by buying empty whiskey barrels you are opening the door to many applications. Some folks buy empty whiskey barrels for use in the micro brewing of alcohol, specifically in home breweries. Others buy empty whiskey barrels for home decorating ideas based on the rugged and old west appeal of empty and seasoned whiskey barrels. Yes, other people buy empty whiskey barrels for wine or other types of alcohol storage containers. Finally, by buying empty whiskey barrels you can decorate the outdoors. As you can see by buying empty whiskey barrels, you can open the door to dozens of creative ideas. Regardless of your application or need the following ideas offer prime location for the buying of empty whiskey barrels.

You will need the following.

  • Cash or credit
  • Internet access
  • Access to classifieds, flea markets and garage sales
  • Local distillery (if you are lucky)


  1. There are multiple outlets for you to buy empty whiskey barrels. One idea is to look into internet auction houses such as eBay, Koodles and eBay. From time to time, you will see distilleries and other manufacturers tossing their wears up on auction houses at decent prices.
  2. Another outlet to buy empty whiskey barrels is through a manufacture of either the barrel maker or barrel user. Manufacturers do make mistakes and sometimes their barrels are not up to standards for the distillery. They will sell these barrels to offset losses at ridiculously low prices. In addition, distilleries will run the useful life of their barrels and sell them to the public as well. These are two solid opportunities.
  3. Check out your local furniture store, rugged or western style furniture store. They offer a wide variety of empty whiskey barrels usually already fashioned into a piece of furniture. Look for sales on these items if you are looking to further modify.
  4. Lastly, garage sales, flea markets and classified advertisements can be gold mines. Check out locally or hit the next town if close enough or they hold large flea markets. Local papers will have household sales in the classifieds or estate sales. These can be a little tiring moving from one to another but may be worth you time in the end.
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