How To Buy Wholesale Basketball Shoes

Sneakers mean a lot to the American youth of today, and knowing how to buy wholesale basketball shoes might just save them some money. If you are young and into the athletic sneaker market, then listen up! Wholesale basketball shoes come at cheaper prices, and often times the stock is newer than what's at your local Foot Locker. So tie up those kicks, we're going to learn us how to buy wholesale basketball shoes!

Here's what you need to find and purchase wholesale basketball shoes: 

  • A computer
  • An Internet connection
  • Up to $100 on hand (depending on what you buy)
  1. Decide where you want to buy wholesale basketball shoes. Purchasing things on the Internet might be too slow for you, especially if it means waiting on those new Jordans. The brick-and-mortar wholesale athletic shoe stores out there tend to have a little steeper prices, but beat retail by miles. Yet, the Internet will always have the best prices on anything, albeit with a wait time for shipping.
  2. Go to your favorite search engine. This can be Google, Yahoo, or even BING. It really doesn't matter; they all search the same Internet. Enter the terms of the shoes you want. For example "wholesale Nikes". If you want to go to a brick-and-mortar store, just search for their outlet's website (i.e. "Adidas outlet store/mall").
  3. Only click on reliable links. Certain websites will claim to have legitimate wholesale basketball shoes for sale, but as many know, the Internet is full of scams. Websites like eBay, Craig's List, or a company's official site are all viable options.
  4. Place your order. For those who want to buy wholesale basketball shoes off of the Internet, have your credit card or PayPal information ready to finalize the order. For those who will be going to an outlet store, be sure to carry a credit card (just in case).
  5. Wait. Obviously, wholesale basketball shoes might not be the easiest to get a hold of. Whether you're placing an order at an outlet store, or an online shoe site, it will take some time to get your wholesale basketball shoes. Generally speaking, the "deals" your getting should at least be half of what a normal retail shop would charge you (i.e. Nike Store, Adidas, New Balance, Journeys).

It's easy to buy wholesale basketball shoes in this age of instant information. The Internet is your single greatest ally in the search for great wholesale basketball shoes. Always check the reliability of wherever (or whoever) you buy from, though.

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