How To Buy Wholesale Cat Food

You can save lots of money by learning how to buy wholesale cat food. Cat food can get super expensive, especially if you have multiple cats in your household.  Cat food is almost twice as expensive as dog food, and really adds up in your monthly expenses.  The most efficient way to buy cat food is through a wholesaler. 

Most wholesaler’s have minimum purchase amounts though, so you will need to be prepared to buy large quantities in order to save money.  Your cat food won’t go bad and usually expires years later.  As long as the packages remains unopened, you should be fine.  Cat food is designed to last for a long time in a sealed package.  Lots of wholesalers do not want to sell to the general public, but they can be convinced if you are willing to purchase the necessary quantity. 

You may not be able to buy certain brands that are sold through veterinary clinics.  However, you might be able to strike up a deal with the vet clinic you normally go to if you buy quantity.  Lots of vets are willing to give discounts if you buy a certain amount and pick it up the same day it comes in.  They may ask you to pay for it ahead of time to ensure that you actually pick it up.  If you don’t, your discounted price might get taken away. 

In order to buy wholesale cat food, you will need to:

  1. Become a member of a wholesale company.  You may need to create a business name and register with your local government.  This is really easy to do and very inexpensive. This will save you lots of money in the long term.
  2. There are usually membership fees that you will need to pay, but they usually pay for themselves in savings.  Research the costs and benefits to joining an online wholesaler.  See how many other products you could save money on.  These can justify your initial expense.
  3. If you are not willing to pay the money to join a wholesaler, then try to strike up a deal with your veterinarian.  Lots of veterinarians are willing to give volume discounts to clients who are willing to pay up front. You could get up to a twenty percent discount just for purchasing two or three bags at a time.
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