How To Buy Wholesale Name Brand Clothing

Learning how to buy wholesale name brand clothing can save you a small fortune. Knowing how to buy wholesale name brand clothing can help you purchase your favorite name brand clothing at a fraction of the price. Learning how to buy wholesale name brand clothing is a simple matter of learning how to find a retailer for wholesale name brand clothing and how to ensure you are getting the best possible price.

  1. Locate a wholesale retailer. Locate a wholesale retailer where you can purchase wholesale name brand clothing. Search the Yellow Pages or the internet for common wholesale retailers such as "Rugged Warehouse". Search your town or state for a wholesale mall or shopping center. Wholesale malls and shopping centers are commonly referred to as "Factory Outlet" stores.
  2. Visit the retailer. Visit the retailer and browse what selection is available. Factory outlet malls often have many different choices of stores. Search for the specific brand you desire, commonly available wholesale brand clothing includes "Aeropostale", "Nautica", "Pierre Cardin" and much more.
  3. Inspect the clothing. Inspect the wholesale name brand clothing before purchasing it. Check under the sleeves and the collar to make sure there are no small tears or discoloration. Occasionally wholesale name brand clothing may have small defects.
  4. Purchase clothing. Purchase the wholesale brand clothing. Select the best deals and offers in the wholesale outlet and purchase them. Compare the prices to the actual retailer prices once you get home to determine exactly how much you saved.


  • Purchasing wholesale brand name clothing is a great idea for school shopping.
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