How To Buy Wide Running Shoes

If you wear a wide width, you may need to know how to buy wide running shoes out of necessity. It can be hard to find and buy wide running shoes, making shoe shopping a longer process if you don't know how to do it. If you need to buy wide running shoes, there are a few important steps to take to avoid wasted time.

  1. Figure out your actual width. There are many wide sizes, starting at C going through EEE. The sizes with the most letters, such as EEE, are wider than those with fewer letters, like E. Go to a shoe store and have your foot measured before you buy wide running shoes to prevent wasted time in stores that don't sell your specific width.
  2. Look for shoes stores that actually carry wide widths. Many shoe stores simply don't carry them or carry them in very limited supply. Call the stores that you want to shop in and ask whether they carry them. Also ask whether they carry them for most of their shoes or only a few. Some shoe stores that claim to carry wide widths have them for a dozen styles of less.
  3. Buy wide running shoes from online shoe stores. Online, you can see the exact widths that each shoe style comes in. There are many online shoe stores that specialize in wide widths, making it possible to buy wide running shoes in any style that the site features and in very wide widths. 



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