How To Buy Youth Football Shoulder Pads

Learn how to buy youth football shoulder pads to make sure your football player has a proper fit. Loose shoulder pads do not protect the player’s body and skew when training on the field. Tight shoulder pads put too much pressure on a youth’s body when playing football.

To buy youth football shoulder pads, you will need:

• Scale
• Tape measure
• Paper
• Pen or pencil
• Internet connection (optional)
• Phone (optional)

1. Weigh the football player. Have the child stand on the scale wearing only undergarments. Weigh the child for how to buy youth football shoulder pads and round up. Write down the weight of the child.
2. Measure the shoulders. Turn the child around with the back facing toward you. Place the starting end of the tape measure at one shoulder top. Spread the rest of the tape measure across the shoulder width to the other shoulder top. Write down the measurement labeled “shoulder width” for buying youth football shoulder pads.

3. Measure the upper chest. Turn the child around to face you. Place the starting end of the tape measure in the center of the chest. Wrap the rest of the tape measure under the armpits back toward the starting place. Write the measurement down labeled “chest” for buying youth football shoulder pads.

4. Research shoulder pads online or by phone. When learning how to buy youth football shoulder pads, realize there are different shoulder pads for kids. Learn about which position the child plays for youth football. Different shoulder pads created for different positions offer more support or lightweight construction. Many of the youth football shoulder pads are made for general purpose. Check reviews of shoulder pads online if you have an Internet connection. The coach is a good resource for finding out what he recommends for buying youth football shoulder pads.

5. Check the sizing charts. Once you have written down the measurements, check the local or Internet stores’ sizing charts. See which football shoulder pads are adjustable and will allow for extra room as the child grows into them.

6. Try them on. Bring the child with you to the local store to try on the shoulder pads. Make sure they fit and are comfortable before buying them. If you go by the sizing charts for buying  youth football shoulder pads, the shoulder pads should fit well but try them on just in case. Once you have made sure that the shoulder pads fit your child, purchase them either online or from the local store.



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