How To Bypass School Filters

Many students that are “barred” behind their school’s internet restrictions find themselves wondering how to bypass school filters every day. Sometimes, you might even have a legitimate excuse to bypass school filters, whether it is for education, an emergency, etc. Either way, it’s easy to find a loophole these days around school filters, and it generally only takes a matter of seconds.

To bypass school filters, you will need:

  • A computer
  • Internet access
  1. First, open an internet browser. Typically, Internet Explorer or Firefox is recommended because some proxy sites might act strangely on less popular browsers. Once you’re ready and the browser is fully loaded, type “” (no quotes) into the address bar. This is a rarer proxy website that is more than likely not blocked by school filters or known about by school officials.
  2. After pressing enter, you’ll be taken to a proxy website which will allow you to browse “anonymously.” This means that you’ll be actually browsing the internet through a completely different IP address. You’ll technically only be visiting “,” but the site will allow you to browse the internet in a frame through a new IP address.
  3. At the bottom of the page, paste the URL of the site you’d like to go to in the box. Make sure that the URL is typed correctly, and then select “Go” next to the box.
  4. Wait for the browser to load the site. This usually takes a little longer than normal since you are essentially waiting double the time to reach the website you’d like to visit.
  5. Use only when needed. Proxy sites aren’t completely reliable for giving you a seamless browsing experience as you would get while surfing the internet normally. It can also pose security risks due to using someone else’s IP address. Because of this, it’s wise to only work around school filters when you have a legitimate reason.



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