How To Calculate Calories Burned

People who want to learn how to calculate the calories burned have several options for doing so. Knowing how many calories you're burning is important in keeping track of your fitness and weight loss goals.

  1. Choose exercise machines that have calories burned calculators, such as some treadmills, exercise bikes or rowing machines.. If possible, use machines that are programmable for your weight, rather than those that just calculate calories burned based on someone of average weight. Programmable machines will be much more precise. And don't lie about your weight to the machine! It's just a treadmill, it won't tell anyone about your extra pounds.
  2. Go online and find a health website that has a calories burned calculator. There are many sites that have this feature. You just type in your age, height, weight and activity, and the calories you burn during exercise will be revealed to you.
  3. Buy a small gadget, known as a pedometer, that clips onto your belt and tells you how many steps you've walked and how many calories have been burned. This is a good tool for those who use walking or running as exercise, or for those who are just interested in how much walking around they do in an average day.

When trying to calculate calories burned, remember to be honest about your starting weight and about the intensity of your exercise. If it doesn't seem you are burning enough calories, ask your doctor if it's okay to engage in more vigorous exercise. If your goal is to lose weight, consider changing your diet as well as burning more calories.



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