How To Calibrate Sony A Bravia 46Z5100

Purchasing a Sony TV is one thing, but knowing how to calibrate a Sony Bravia 46Z5100 is even more important. When you purchase a Sony Bravia 46Z5100 and bring it home it is set to its factory default setting. In order to get the sound and picture quality that you really want you must calibrate your TV. You can easily calibrate your Sony Bravia 46Z5100 TV using the remote control.  There are a few steps to follow to calibrate a Sony Bravia 46Z5100.

To calibrate a Sony Bravia 46Z5100 you need:

  • Sony Bravia remote control
  1. Turn on the power. Power up the Sony Bravia 46Z5100 and any other components you want to use with it such as Blue ray player and receiver.
  2. Press the "Input" button. Once you press the input button select the correct input that the device is connected to. The content of the device will display on the TV once the correct input is selected.
  3. Press the "Menu" button. The TV picture option will appear on the Sony Bravia 46Z5100. Adjust any setting desired from the brightness, contrast and the color of the image. To make setting adjustments select the settings and then use the arrows to increase or decrease the amount of the selected item.
  4. Adjust the sound. To select the sound press the left directional button on the remote. You will be able to either increase or decrease the bass, treble, and audio balance of the sound coming from the speakers on the Sony Bravia 46Z5100.
  5. Select the screen image calibration settings. Push the down button to select the calibration settings. Here you can select to display the picture in widescreen, and a few other changes. Once you have adjust the calibration settings press the "Menu" button to save all of your changes, and then you can go back to the main menu screen on your Sony Bravia 46Z5100.
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