How to Call Plays in Football

Many new football coaches are interested in learning how to call plays in football.  In order to call plays in football, knowledge is necessary in a few different areas.  For someone that is new to coaching football, learning how to call plays in football can be difficult for a while.  After gaining some experience, calling plays in football becomes easier.  So what type of knowledge is necessary to begin calling plays in football?  Let's talk about some of the steps that are necessary to get started.

  1. The first thing that needs to be done to call plays in football is to actually teach the offense on the football team some plays to run.  Of course, if the team does not know how to run any plays, then the coach will never be able to call any plays.  
  2. Once the offense knows how to run some plays, there are a few different ways to call the plays.  One way is to send in a new player between each play. That player will tell the play to the quarterback and the quarterback will tell the rest of the offense the play.  Another way is to have hand signals that are given to the quarterback from the sideline.  Once the quarterback catches the signals, he will tell the play to the rest of the offense.  At higher levels of football, the quarterback wears a headset and this allows him to hear the coaches and get the play that is called.  Only in college football and higher levels is there normally a quarterback with a headset in his helmet that allows him to hear the plays that are called by the coaches.
  3. Once a coach is able to call plays in football, the next step is to master the art of play calling in football.  This is done by gaining experience and finding what plays work in certain situations.  Also, consulting other coaches who have had great success calling plays is another way to gain information.

Learning how to call plays in football is a skill that someone will keep learning about the entire time they do it.  People that have been calling plays for many years are still continuing to get better at it.  It is very fun and can also be very rewarding for someone that really enjoys the game.

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