How To Calm A Cat

Learn how to calm a cat. Sometimes, cats could be too aggressive or too playful for your liking. Fortunately, there are some techniques you could follow to get your cat to be as calm as possible. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Show your cat attention. Usually when cats act up, they are begging for attention. Some cats like to be played with when they see that your attention is focused elsewhere. Just take a little time to play with your cat to calm it down if it is safe to do so.
  2. Act and talk calmly. If you are not in the mood to play at the pace that your cat is playing, then use low tones when you are communicating with them to calm them. Also, if you are attempting to come near your cat, use slow, small gestures. This is due to the fact that cat's behavior usually depends on how you react towards around them. If you make swift, quick movements, then your cat may think that you are engaging in their aggressive/playful behavior.
  3. Use strings or yarn. Cats love to play with strings. If your cat is into something he has no business doing, then pull a hanging string over his face. They usually will stop whatever they are into to play with the string. That is the ultimate tranquilizer to calm a cat. Also, not just strings could be used. You could whip out a little toy for him to play with, but a piece of yarn or string is ideal.
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