How To Camo A Hunting Blind

Have you ever wondered how to camo a hunting blind? Have you ever thought that just sitting up you hunting blind on the side of a field wasn't enough? You are right. Game animals are intimately aware of their surroundings, and finding a dwelling suddenly popped up in their living room may signal the red flag of predation. So here are three simple steps to help you camouflage a hunting blind. 

To camo a hunting blind you will need:

  • camouflage materials: leaf samples, branches, grass
  1. The first step toward adding camo to a hunting blind is gathering material. Assuming you have the blind set up in an appropriate hunting location, spend some time gathering leafy saplings, branches, and grasses. Pile these all around your blind to break up the outline. You may need to pile it over the top of the blind as well.
  2. The second step in adding camouflage to a hunting blind is carefully determining if the blind is well concealed. Step back twenty or thirty yards and take a look at the blind. Move around and view it from multiple angles. Is it easily identifiable as a blind, or does it just look like another brush pile in the woods?  If it looks like a brush pile in the woods you have done well.
  3. The final step in adding camo to a hunting blind is verifying your shooting lanes. Climb into the hot seat of your blind and view the outside from within your enclosure. Imagine where the game animals will come by and determine if you have clear open shots when they arrive.
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