How To Camouflage A Rifle

Have you ever thought of adding camouflage to your rifle? Ever thought maybe it was the shiny gun that gave you away in the woods? If these are questions you've been asking yourself then you may be wondering how to camouflage a rifle. Here's a method that works. It's simple and to the point, though don't perform this procedure if you are not certain about using camouflage on your rifle.  It is permanent. You'll need a few basic items:

  • Masking tape
  • Acetone or rubbing alcohol
  • Camouflage spray paint (I have used olive green, brown, and tan in combination in the past)
  • A well-ventilated area
  1. Before you can camouflage your rifle, you need to tape off all the areas you do not want to get painted. I generally put a small piece of tape over the muzzle, over scope lenses, and around scope knobs. It is also a good idea to carefully tape around the action of the rifle so as not to get paint into the working mechanisms.
  2. The next step in applying camouflage to your rifle is to begin painting. Go to a well-ventilated area and start by wiping off the entire rifle with a rag and either rubbing alcohol or acetone. The purpose is to degrease the surface and ensure a good bond with the paint. Next apply a base coat of olive green paint. Then you may use the brown to paint stripes across the gun. And finally use the tan to add a few more design patterns. Always wait twenty minutes between paintings to ensure that the previous coat has dried.

Adding camouflage to a rifle can be a fun and creative process. The steps above outline the very basics of the project. Experiment with templates when creating your patterns. You may hold a stick or leaf between the rifle and the spray can, or you may cut your own intricate designs out of a piece of paper. However you choose to proceed, make sure the end results match your desires.

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