How To Camp Nude

It doesn't occur to vary many people how to camp nude. Nudity is a very normal, natural, and comforting state to be in (usually). Yet it is ironic that most people do not feel comfortable in the nude. Camping on the other hand, has been a notable hobby since the early 20th century, and has served as man's attempt to reconcile his differences with nature. So, to camp nude, it would seem, is the ultimate "au naturale" experience to be had by man.

Check the following list of things you will need to be nude and camp:

  • Lodging (whether it be a tent, cabin, or any other facility)
  • Extra blankets and/or a heater for cold weather (due to lack of clothes)
  • A good camping spot (free from harmful animals)
  • Friends to bring along
  1. To camp nude, you will need extra supplies. Specifically, these supplies include a heater for cold winters nights and fans for hot summer days. Since you will be in the nude all day, it is important to take extra care of your physical health. No jackets during the winter might be potentially fatal, as flirting with hypothermia is no one's game. Make sure to check with weather beforehand so as to ensure survivability.
  2. Bring a friend or two. This might prove hard for the very shy. Yes you will all have to be in the nude together, but things can get dangerous in hot or cold areas without a friend to look after you. After all, you want to live to tell your grandchildren the story, eh?
  3. Search out a perfect nude community/camping ground. Obviously, this should go without saying, some people might not like you being naked all the time. Even though you are thousands of miles away in a state park in Nowhere, Kansas, someone's got something to say about your nudity. Nudist camping sites will (obviously) allow you to be nude at all times, and you won't have to break the law either.  Awesome.
  4. Enjoy, but be responsible. Due to the wide variety of floral and faunal threats out there to human skin, nudity can leave you vulnerable in the wild. Be careful to read literature on the area you plan to be nude in, and possibly dangers to your exposed skin there could be. It's fun to camp nude, but always use your head prior!

Camping in the nude is an amazing adventure, for those brave enough to attempt it. The natural feeling of bearing the wilderness with no clothes on your back can't be beat, albeit by truly be comfortable with yourself. As with anything in life, do your homework on the area you plan to explore while nude, and stay away from potentially damaging animals, plants, weather, and environments in general.

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