How To Camp With A Pop Up Truck Camper

Campers that have never seen or used one, may wonder how to camp with a pop-up truck camper. Many people have seen regular pop-up campers but pop-up truck campers are a different camper. Camp with a pop-up truck camper and enjoy a lower fuel cost as well as the ability to tow a boat or other type of trailer. A pop-up truck camper is similar to a standard slide in truck camper with the exception of the height while in motion. The pop-up feature allows for reduced wind drag while on the road.

  1. Load the pop-up truck camper with the items you want to take a day or more before the trip. Extend the pop-up section so you have ample room to pack. Pack your items neatly as space is at a premium.
  2. Check the appliances to make sure everything is functioning before you leave. If you have electrical connections at your house, turn on the refrigerator at least twelve hours before you put any food items into it. Newer refrigerators will auto switch to propane power once you disconnect the electrical power when you leave.
  3. Make sure you lower the roof before you leave on the trip. Also check any outside storage flaps to make sure they are secure.
  4. Once at your campsite, check the positioning on the site for roof clearance. Extend the roof, and hook up the shore power and water line.

You are now ready to enjoy a great camping trip! After one trip using a pop-up camper, you'll never want to go back to tent camping ever again!

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