How To Camp In Your Backyard

Camping in your backyard is a fun, convenient way to have a little adventure so it's good to know how to camp in your backyard. Unless you live in a relatively isolated and underdeveloped area, your backyard won't exactly resemble the "great outdoors.  However, it is possible to imitate a camping adventure with a few tips.

  1. Buy a tent. A tent is the quintessential accessory for a camping trip. Consider the size of the yard and the amount of people who will sleep in the tent before you buy it. Equip the tent with sleeping bags, pillows, and other accessories that are usually placed in a tent. Tip: For a real camping experience, don't use amenities that you wouldn't normally bring on a camping trip. For entertainment, substitute a television with a battery-operated radio or board games.
  2. Set up a camping site. Prepare an area in the yard that is appropriate for camping. Choose an area away from trees so branches don't fall on top of the tent. Clear any leaves and clutter from the area so you and the other campers can sleep comfortably. Tip: If mosquitos are a problem, set up mosquito repellant lanterns around the tent.
  3. You can still have traditional camping snacks. Camping snacks, like s'mores, are usually made around a fire. However, you don't need a fire to make these delicious treats. You can prepare the s'mores in the house and melt the marshmallows and chocolate by placing them in the microwave. Tip: Fill a backpack with snacks beforehand so you don't have to go back into the house when you get hungry.
  4. Play campfire games. Set up a lantern and sit around it to imitate a campfire circle. Sing songs and take turns telling scary stories. Tip: Turn off all of the lights in the the house facing the back yard so the lantern is the only light source. This will provide an appropriate atmosphere for scary stories.



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