How To Camp In Your Horse Trailer

To learn about how to camp in your horse trailer, plan ahead and you'll sleep well and save money. Horse trailers come in all shapes and sizes but even the most bare-bones versions are suitable for camping. After all, the bed will be up off the ground, they are enclosed for the most part and will provide shelter from the weather.

To camp in your horse trailer, you will need:

  • broom
  • other cleaning supplies such as bucket for water, disinfecting soap, rags
  • sleeping bag
  • air mattress, optional
  • straw, optional
  • tarp, optional
  1. Clean the horse trailer. This task may be a large or small job, depending on whether you transported a horse just before you need to camp in the trailer. Worst case scenario, remove the horse and sweep out the horse trailer to get the big chunks out. As needed, use hot water and a disinfecting cleaner to clean any problem spots and to give the trailer floor a good once over.
  2. Rinse the trailer. After using a harsh cleaner or any kind of soapy cleaner, rinse the trailer floor and walls thoroughly. Throw in several buckets of water to rinse the surfaces.
  3. Let it dry. If your horse trailer has open air windows near the top, all the better. Let the horse trailer air dry or wipe down the surfaces to speed up drying.
  4. Close the windows. With open air windows, you may want to use a tarp or two to close off the windows from rain or snow or just for added privacy and to keep the sun from blaring in first thing in the morning. Hang the tarp in place.
  5. Spread straw in the bottom. If you want a nice soft cushioned bed, set a layer of clean straw on the trailer floor.
  6. Spread out the air mattress and sleeping bag. Blow up the air mattress, if desired. Place it on the straw. Set your sleeping bag on the straw or on the air mattress and hit the hay.
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