How Can A Christian Husband Arouse His Christian Wife?

How can a Christian husband arouse his Christian wife? There are more ways than one. While the Bible is not a guide to sexual behaviors between a husband and wife, it does give hints for pleasure between a married couple. Depending on the faction of Christian belief, certain things are forbidden. Always consult with a member of the clergy at your specific church before engaging in new sexual behaviors with your mate. Also, consult with your wife before stepping out on a limb with new activities.

  1. Speak words of love and devotion. The first step in learning how a Christian husband can arouse his Christian wife is to speak words of love. In the Biblical book, "The Song of Solomon,"  the rich and very wise man speaks to his new love with loving words of devotion. He tells her how beautiful her dark, tanned skin is and how she stirs emotions in his heart. Take hints from this book to arouse your own wife. Speak to her in a soft, but strong tone. Point out her most beautiful features and use metaphors for how she makes you feel. "Your eyes are like the soft moonlight breaking through the clouds on a stormy night," or "the touch of your skin is that of the softest, finest silks." Women are emotional creatures, and these types of words typically cause feelings of desire.
  2. Have a romantic dinner. The next step in learning how a Christian husband can arouse his Christian wife is to present her with a romantic dinner. Soft conversation spoken in candle light over tempting food acts as an aphrodisiac. Make this a regular practice to keep the romance alive.
  3. Quote the book of Ruth. Next on the list of how a Christian husband can arouse his Christian wife is to let her know how perfect she is. In the book of Ruth, it is outlined how a Christian wife should behave. Point out only the positives. These words of appreciation will put a Christian wife in the mood.
  4. Caress and touch. The final suggestion in how a Christian husband can arouse his Christian wife is the process of gentle touching and caressing. The neck, ears and shoulders of a woman are sensitive and arousing. Give her a back massage while letting her know how beautiful she is.



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