How Can Get My W2 From My Job Online

If you work online you may wonder how can get my W2 from my job online. You will need your W2 to file your taxes at the first of the year or at least by April 15th.

  1. Complete your W2 form with your online employer. Although with online employment you are considered to be an independent contractor, you are still in some ways employed by that particular company in small part. As such in order to earn an income of over $600 in one year it is required by law to complete a W2 form. Most online companies have this form included in your profile and only ask for basic information. This information is encrypted so that third parties cannot steal it and use it for their own benefit.
  2. Earn more than $600 in a year with the online company. If you earn less than $600 within one year, organizations are not required to send out a W2 for their workers. So in most cases they will not send them out. If you only earn $600 total including all online employment then you are in the clear. But if the $600 is in addition to other wages earned with other organizations you will be required to submit a W2 for this organization as well. Not doing so is a federal offense and is considered tax evasion. If you are audited by the IRS due to discrepencies within your financial records, and they do find unreported wages you could face criminal charges. 
  3. Request a W2. Most online organizations will send out W2 forms before the last day of January. If you have earned less than $600 with this company by the end of the year make a request to the organization to receive a W2 from them before the last week of January. That way even if your file was not included in the employee database listing for having earned more than $600 in the year, you will still receive a W2.


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