How Can I Apologize To Someone I Really Care About

 When you find yourself constantly thinking, "How can I apologize to someone I really care about," it's important to make the apology count. You don't want to have a sore spot in your relationship or to create less trust between you than you had before. The apology must be honest and sincere, or there is no point in trying to apologize to someone you really care about.

  1. Start to apologize to someone you really care about by making the choice not to make excuses for your behavior. Telling the person why you did what you did is acceptable, but a sincere apology should never include excuses. Reasons may help the person you care about to understand your behavior, but excuses will only serve to anger that person and make your apology sound insincere. 
  2. When you apologize to someone you really care about, let that person know that you are aware of how your action or behavior affected him or her. Make a commitment to behaving in a different way so that the person you are apologizing to understands that you will try to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.
  3. Apologize to someone you really care about by letting them know how important that person is to you. A casual apology might sound like nothing more than a few off-hand comments, but letting the person know how important they are to you makes the apology one that makes an impact. Any time you apologize to someone you really care about, you should leave that person with a sense of how much you care about them and how much you care about their happiness. 



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