How Can I Become A Vet Assistant

You've always loved animals, so you're wondering, "How can I become a vet assistant?" A vet (veterinary) assistant is a professional who assists a veterinarian with day-to-day responsibilities of medically diagnosing, treating and caring for animals. To become a vet assistant, it does not require any educational training or degree, but programs are available to assist you and increase employment opportunities.

  1. Find educational programs who provide vet assistant training. Many vocational schools offer a certificate or diploma to become a vet assistant. These programs are available online, or through local schools in your area. Many programs last between three and twelve months. Receiving proper training will improve employment opportunities.
  2. Volunteer at local animal shelters. Most animal shelters, petting zoos and wildlife sanctuaries allow volunteers to assist in the care for animals, even if you can only contribute a few hours a week. Most of these organizations are non-profit, and are willing to train volunteers to do the job even with no experience. This will give you a head-start in understanding how to be a vet assistant who can care for a number of animals.
  3. Create a resume that shows your interest in caring for animals. No matter what your current career is, showing a potential employer you’re passionate about the health and well-being of animals will increase employment opportunities. Include your volunteer work.
  4. Apply for jobs through as many sources as possible and take your resume to local veterinarians and animal hospitals. Because most veterinarians own their business, they’re more likely to be appreciative of someone visiting in person to show their interest and credentials to become a vet assistant with their organization. Many opportunities can also be found through Internet job boards and newspapers. This will also increase employment opportunities.
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