How Can I Connect An iPod Classic To A Nike Plus?

Since the Nike Plus has been introduced, everyone has been asking "how can I can connect an Ipod classic to a Nike Plus?" Nike plus allows users to engage in outdoor activity while still being able to carry their entertainment devices with them. The only problem is that a Nike Plus may not be compatible with every type of Ipod. There are a few things that you need to make sure your Ipod classic has to ensure that it can connect to a Nike Plus. Here are a few steps that will help you understand how to connect your Ipod Classic to a Nike Plus.

To connect an Ipod Classic to a Nike Plus, you will need:

  • Nike Plus Shoes
  • Nike Plus Sensor Kit
  • Ipod Classic
  1. Check for a connection. Look at the bottom of your Ipod Classic and check to make sure that it has the same connection port as newer Ipods. The port is about an inch wide and allows you to connect your Ipod to itunes and synch. The only way that you will be able to use Nike Plus is with this port so make sure that your Ipod Classic has it.
  2. Purchase Nike Plus shoes and the Nike Plus Sensor Kit. The Kit and the shoes are essential components to being able to connect an Ipod Classic to a Nike Plus. These items can easily be bought at a Nike retail store near you or online at
  3. Connect the sensors. Once you have bought the Nike Plus sensor kit you will see that it comes with a sensor. This sensor needs to be placed in the hole that is in the Nike shoe. You also need to make sure that when you do this the sleep button is facing downwards. Then you can go ahead and plug the white sensor into your Ipod Classic.
  4. Synch your Ipod Classic with the shoe sensor. Turning on your Ipod Classic will automatically synch your Ipod Classic with the shoe sensor.
  5. Nike Plus Ipod. Now you can use your Ipod to go to Nike Plus Ipod option and choose which workout you want to complete. Once you have decided on what workout you want to do your Ipod will provide you with music options. Once this is done you can begin running.
  6. Synch after every workout. Don't forget to synch your Ipod after you workout so that it is saved to your Nike Plus account.

Connecting your Ipod Classic to a Nike Plus makes working out that much better. Go ahead and start your workout routine once you have followed these steps.

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