How Can I Deactivate My Verizon Cellphone?

 If you have a phone that has been connected through Verizon and you no longer want it, you may be asking yourself, "How can I deactivate my Verizon cellphone?" If you are at the end of your contract you need only to call and ask to discontinue the contract, however, if you are in the middle of your contract, you will have to go another route for disconnection.

  1. Call Verizon. Tell the customer service agent that you want to disconnect your cell phone. Make sure you have all of your account details ready to give to the representative. This will include your cell phone number, name, address and your security passcode.
  2. Pay the fee. If you terminate your service in the middle of your contract, you will have to pay a fee. Depending on the type of service that you have with Verizon, you may either have to pay a termination fee, the rest of your month (prorated) or the duration of your contract.
  3. Destroy your SIM card. If you have a dual technology phone such as a blackberry, make sure you properly dispose of your SIM card. You will not have to do this with normal handsets since the majority of Verizon handsets are CDMA phones, which require no SIM card.

 After deactivating your Verizon account, you may want to get rid of your Verizon handset. If you don’t plan to use Verizon anymore, you can resell your handset on websites such as eBay or Amazon. Before you sell your handset make sure you do a complete factory restore. This will erase any information in your cell phone. You can get the factory and reset information from Verizon’s customer service representatives. Make sure you remove the SIM card from your phone before selling it since information can be recovered from your SIM card even after you've deleted it.  



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