How Can I Embarrass Her Ex-Boyfriend

When you've got a new girl with an old flame, you may think, "How can I embarrass her ex-boyfriend?" If the dude is hanging around and won't go away, or perhaps if you're feeling a bit insecure, there are clever ways to keep her ex-boyfriend where he belongs: in the past.

  1. Tell him how wonderful she is. Nothing embarrasses her ex-boyfriend more than hearing how great she is. If you go into minute detail about your wild and highly-active sex life with her, for sure he will feel a bit of shame.
  2. Explain to others why they broke up. A great way to embarrass her ex-boyfriend is to tell everyone why your girl and he broke up. This tactic is especially effective if the breakup was messy. Spilling the beans about your girlfriend's private life may not earn brownie points with her, but it certainly will teach the ex-boyfriend a lesson.
  3. Kiss, fondle and touch her around him. You can embarrass her ex-boyfriend by feeling your girl up, touching her butt and giving her lots of tongue when he's around. Conservative types are really squeamish about this ruse, so it works best for an ex who wasn't affectionate in public. Watching your ex-girlfriend with another man is certain to make him slink away with his tail tucked.
  4. Make him feel small. A highly undiplomatic way to embarrass her ex-boyfriend is to tell him that you are more of a man than he is because you ended up with the girl. Proclaiming that she never loved him anyway, even if it's a lie, will have him doubting his manhood and feeling pretty sorry for himself.
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