How Can I Improve My Right Hand Dribbling?

The key to improving your right hand dribbling is a lot of practice. Dribbling is a repetitive skill that requires both ability and the desire to get better. Anyone can improve their right-handed dribbling if they are willing to put in the time. If you want to improve your right-handed dribbling, you will want to focus entirely on skill work with your right hand.

  1. Do stationary dribbling drills with your right hand.  Stationary drills are any drill in which you stay in the same place. These drills are ideal for getting a lot of repetitions and improving your coordination with your right hand. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and dribble the ball with your right hand. Keeping the ball under control, dribble as fast as you can. Try not to look at the ball. Do this for one minute and rest. Repeat this drill three times. You can do this drill on a basketball court, concrete patio, or on any other hard surface. There is no excuse!
  2. Speed dribble with your right hand. Dribble the ball as fast as you can up and down the basketball court. If you do not have access to a basketball court, you can dribble on any hard surface. Keep the ball low and under control. Use your right hand only, since this is the hand that you are looking to improve. Do this drill for one minute. Rest and repeat three times.
  3. Practice ball handling drills everyday. To improve your right-handed dribbling, you will need to work on your hand speed and coordination. This can be done with stationary ball handling drills. One of the best drills to do is ball taps. Using both hands, tap the ball back and forth between your hands, which are directly out in front of you. Use your fingertips and try to move the ball as quickly as possible between your hands. This will improve your coordination and hand speed which will help improve your right-handed dribbling. Do this drill everyday. A great way to find time to do this drill is to do it during the commercials of your favorite show. This is the perfect way to improve your right handed dribbling without spending a lot of time on it.


Dribbling Drills

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