How Can I Shave A Landing Strip On My Girlfriend?

Are you asking yourself, "how can I shave a landing strip on my girlfriend?" This question is frequently thought of by men who want to shave their girls special area. Many women are into the clean look of a landing strip. If your girl hasn't joined the masses, it's time to get busy.

You will need the following items to shave a landing strip:

  • a new razor
  • shaving cream or a gentle body wash


  1. Talk. Before shaving a landing strip on your girlfriend, you must obtain her consent. While some women routinely shave, many more keep their bikini lines clean but little else. Talk with your girlfriend and see if she's interested. Don't pressure her if she's not. You can discuss the pros and cons as well as telling her how much a landing strip turns you on.
  2. Shop. Once you've decided to shave a landing strip and your girlfriend agrees, it's time to shop. Take her with you and make the process a game. Choose a women's razor with an emollient strip and multiple blades. Let her pick out the shaving cream or body wash.
  3. Relax. When you're home, get ready to shave a landing strip on your girlfriend by relaxing. Run a warm bubble bath and invite her to climb in with you. Have the razor and shaving cream handy. Soaking in the tub softens her skin, making it easier to shave.
  4. Prepare. Ask your girlfriend to sit on the edge of the tub and open her legs. You can make shaving a landing strip part of sexual activity (fun) or wait until after you're finished. Spread the shaving lotion or body wash on her pubic area.
  5. Shave. Be careful while you shave the landing strip on your girlfriend. Use gentle strokes with the razor and take care not to press too hard. Your girl's pubic area is sensitive so shave with, not against, the hair growth. Working from the bikini line, move inwards to her pubic mound until there is nothing left but a one inch (or 1/2 inch) strip of hair running down the middle. You can also shave her labia-but ask first.
  6. Enjoy. After you've successfully shaved a landing strip on your girlfriend, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Be careful not to rub too hard against her newly shaven skin, however. As this area grows out, your girl will also have to be wary of ingrown hairs and a shaving rash.
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