How Can I Sleep With Rotator Cuff Surgery Pillow Sling?

After surgery one may ask, "How can I sleep with a rotator cuff surgery pillow sling?" Learning how to sleep with a rotator cuff surgery pillow sling is all about personal preference and physical abilities. Rotary cuff surgery is difficult and the recovery period can be strenuous. Sleeping during the recovery time can be difficult and can take some getting used to, however, having the proper materials can ease some of that difficulty.

Things You Will Need:

  • A recliner
  • A bed
  • 5 – 7 pillows of varying sizes
  • Neck Pillow
  • Someone to assist you
  1. Types of furniture. The types of furniture are in the home will dictate how to go about sleeping with a rotator cuff pillow sling in the beginning stages of recovery. In the first week or so, it is best to use a recliner. Laying upright with your neck propped will help with the shoulder. The gravity that would typically pull down on the rotator cuff during normal sleep will not help with the recovery. So it is best to try and stay as upright as possible while wearing the rotator cuff pillow sling. However, if no recliner is present, the couch can do fine as well. Just keep the body propped up with plenty of comfortable pillows while wearing the rotator cuff surgery pillow sling. If need be, use a pillow beneath the elbow to keep the tension light on the shoulder.
  2. Sleep control. When sleeping wearing the rotator cuff surgery pillow sling, it is best to try not to roll around too much. This task is certainly a difficult one, but depending on the medication that is taken, keeping still during the night shouldn't be a problem. It is recommended to use a travel neck pillow to avoid any disturbances during sleep.
  3. Companion. The rotator cuff surgery pillow sling will be a constant companion, but it is essential to have another person around for the first week or two. Adjusting pillows with one arm is extremely difficult. Be sure to have another person present to help with those things.
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