How Can I Start Devmode In Far Cry 2?

Moving from the tropical islands of the first game to the much more arid climate of Eastern Africa, Far Cry 2 has made sure to bring back some of its best cheat codes from the first game, but none of the codes can be activated without first putting the game in Devmode. This state puts the game in the same game testing state the developers used to bug various parts of the game. A handful of cheats, including unlimited ammo, and over four exclusive missions can allow be accessed when the game is in this state.

  1. Open up the Properties of the Far Cry 2 icon. Right-click on the Far Cry 2 icon from your desktop to bring up a list of options. By clicking on properties, which is the last option listed, a window will appear listing several specifics about the file, including where the game is installed.
  2. Change the game to Devmode. Type "-DEVMODE" at the end of the line of text in the "Target:" field. Unless you've manually changed it, the final text before "-DEVMODE" will be "FarCry.exe". Also, the text is case sensitive, so it will need to be written in all caps or it will not enter into Devmode correctly.
  3. Save the changes. Click "Okay" to save the changes you've made. The properties window will close leaving you with a view of the desktop again.
  4. Start Far Cry 2. Double-click on the Far Cry 2 icon from your desktop (the one you added "-Devmode" to). The game will launch in Devmode allowing you enter cheat codes and access secret levels.
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