How Can I Talk My Wife Into Anal Sex?

If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I talk my wife into anal sex?” there are a number of tips you can keep in mind to make this happen for you. It will take a little effort on your part, but eventually you can have her easing into it in no time.  

  1. Make her want to do it. If you haven’t noticed, the more your wife is into you, the more she’s willing to do for you in bed. To get her to be into you, you have to be a great husband. Get her flowers, see that chick flick she wants to see, and sit up all night just listening to her vent about work. If you do little things like this, not only will it help your marriage, it will help you in the sack. Show her this appreciation and attention and she is going to want to go the extra mile for you in bed the next time you try to talk your wife into anal sex.
  2. Ask her when she’s almost at her peak. As you know from experience, as you get close to the big O you could be talked into doing just about anything. The same is true with a woman. Do your best at getting her engine up and running. Get her running hot and oh-so-close to the top of the mountain and pop the question. You’ll find it much easier at this moment to talk your wife into anal sex.
  3. Prep her. She might not be into anal yet, but many women find a little stimulation there to be very… stimulating. The next time you’re going down on her, let your fingers lightly probe, maybe venturing in a little further and further as she’s about to get off.  Do this for a month or so; get her used to the idea of something back there and you might be surprised how easy it is to then talk your wife into anal sex.
  4. Promise you’ll go slow and use a safe word. The difficulty with talking your wife into anal sex is that her number one concern is discomfort. You have to make her trust that you won’t hurt her and promise that you’ll go slow. In addition, establish a safe word ahead of time and promise her that if you hear her say it, you’ll stop the assault.
  5. Lube! It’s no secret that lube makes anal sex smoother sailing. If you’re trying to talk your wife into anal sex, let her know that you have it and that you’ll use it liberally. Heck, you can even let her apply it!
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