How Can I Upgrade My Bose 321 With More Speakers?

Owners of the Bose 321 system often ask, "How can I upgrade my Bose 321 with more speakers?" There are many reasons to upgrade the Bose 321 by adding more speakers, especially if you want to place them in an outdoor space or use the Bose 321 in a home theater setup. Adding more speakers to the Bose 321 is a very simple process which can be done in just a few minutes.

To upgrade your Bose 321 with more speakers, you will need:

  • An RCA cable (to connect the speakers)
  • Powered speakers or non-powered speakers (with amp or receiver)
  1. Prepare the additional speakers. Adding more speakers to your Bose 321 system will require you to purchase additional speakers. Powered speakers will not require anything further to function with the Bose 321. Non-powered speakers will require an amp or receiver to power them. If you have non-powered speakers, connect them to the amp or receiver.
  2. Connect the speakers to the Bose 321. Using the RCA cable, connect the speakers to the Bose 321 system. Remember, if you do not have an RCA cable you will need to purchase one when adding more speakers to a Bose 321 system. If your speakers are non-powered and have to be connected to a receiver or amp, you will connect the output from the receiver or amp to the input on the Bose 321. The input is located on the back of the Bose system.
  3. Test the new speakers. After adding your speakers to the Bose 321 system, test them by playing back audio. If the speakers are functioning properly you have successfully upgraded your Bose 321. Check the connections and receiver or amp if your speakers are not working.

If your Bose 321 unit does not have an audio output on the back, you will not be able to add more speakers. This means it is a Bose 321 Series II or Series III, which do not allow additional speakers. If your speakers do not have any power input on them, you will need to get an amp or receiver to power them before adding them to your Bose 321 system. Powered speakers are the easiest to use when upgrading your Bose 321 system.

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