How Can I Use Blackberry Pearl 8130 If Trackball Is Missing?

Learning how to use a Blackberry Pearl 8130 if the trackball is missing is something that would be thought to be difficult, but thankfully, BlackBerries are designed to enable key shortcuts in case a user should ever need or desire them. Things happen to phones that are pretty unfortunate, such as losing a trackball, and this usually leads users to log onto the internet in search of help with their dilemma. Fortunately, your BlackBerry Pearl 8130 has not been rendered useless and you can certainly use your smartphone if the trackball is missing. With these tips, you’ll be cruising around with your phone as if nothing ever happened in no time.

Things you'll need:

  • BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphone
  1. There are a set of shortcuts that can be keyed in from the home screen, but they are currently disabled. This means that you will have to navigate into the settings and enable them to make your BlackBerry Pearl 8130 a lot more functional. They are turned off by default so you can begin dialing a phone number immediately at the home screen. These will need to be turned on so that you can use your Blackberry if the trackball is missing.
  2. Start by pressing the button for the phone application. In simple terms, this is the green phone button on the phone that is used to bring up recent calls and to make calls.
  3. After seeing the recent calls display, press the "Blackberry" button. This button is marked by the Blackberry logo and it is the first button to the left of the trackball (or where the trackball used to be in your case).
  4. Choose “Options” from the list. To do this, you’ll have to press “Enter” multiple times to scroll down the list. The “Enter” key is usually located toward the bottom right of the BlackBerry and has an arrow pointing down and then left.  
  5. Choose “General Options” from the next list. You’ll navigate to this option by using the "Enter" key again.
  6. You’ll want to change the “Dial From Home Screen” field to “No.” This can be a little tricky as it involves more steps. Once scrolled down to “Dial From Home Screen” you’ll want to press the “ALT” key (a key on BlackBerry that reads “ALT”) to bring up the submenu. You will highlight “No” and select it.
  7. To save your settings hit the back button. The back button is the button to the right of the trackball with the curved arrow. You’ll be prompted to save your changes and you will press “Save.” Congratulations! You’ve made it through your BlackBerry Pearl 8130 menu without the trackball!

Tips: These are some helpful key shortcuts so you don’t have to waste time playing around with your phone trying to figure out what you’re supposed to be pressing.

  • “M” – Messages
  • "T" = Tasks
  • "B" = Browser 
  • "L" = Calendar
  • "G" = Google Talk
  • "H" = Help
  • "D" = Memo Pad
  • “A" = Address Book
  • "U" = Calculator
  • "N" = BlackBerry Messenger 
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