How Can I Use The Front Camera On A Nokia 3120?

After purchasing a Nokia 3120, you may be wondering, "How can I use the front camera on a Nokia 3120?" Nokia designed the Nokia 3120 to have dual cameras with video calling in mind. Essentially, the front camera is designed for video calls and not for taking regular photographs. The Nokia 3120 software is designed so that regular photos cannot be taken at all using the front camera. The front camera on the Nokia 3120 does work great for video calls!


  • Nokia 3120
  • USIM Card
  • Cellular network with support for WCDMA.
  • Recipient with Video Capability by Phone or an ISDN client
  1. Enter the recipient's phone number. Enter the recipient's telephone number from the home screen of the Nokia 3120. Alternatively, select the contact from the contact list on the Nokia 3120.
  2. Initiate the video call. Press and hold the green call key to initiate a video call. Alternatively, you can select "Options" then select "Video Call" to initiate the video call from the Nokia 3120.
  3. End the video call. Once the call is finished, press the red end key to stop the call as with a regular voice call.


There is currently no easy method to use the front camera to take pictures on the Nokia 3120.

Performing a software modification or hardware modification to use the front camera for photos will void the warranty of your Nokia 3120.

Video calls work between two parties who have video call capability. A video call cannot be initiated to a non-video call compatible phone.

If you are unsure if your network operator supports video calls, contact them by phone or online.

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