How Can I Use My Sony HDTV Television As A Monitor With My Acer Aspire Laptop?

"How can I use my Sony HDTV television as a monitor with my Acer aspire laptop?" is something many enthusiasts have asked themselves. The beauty of a Sony HDTV television would make it an ideal monitor. Luckily your laptop is ready to provide such output with just the flick of a switch. The Sony is a high-quality HDTV television model. Large versions of their new flatscreens are ideal as computer monitors. This will allow users to play games and work in high definition. Over the long-term this will reduce eyestrain and make computer games much more enjoyable.

Things you will need:

  • HDTV Television
  • Laptop
  • HDMI Cable
  1. Attach the HDMI cable to your laptop. The HDMI port is on the left side of your laptop. Attach the cable. This is a key point in how to use your Sony HDTV television as a monitor with your Acer Aspire laptop. 
  2. Attach the HDMI cable to your Sony HDTV Television. The HDMI input is in the back of your television. Sometimes it is not the most obvious connection. Depending on the model of the television, it could be anywhere on the backside of the television. Normally it is adjacent to the external input ports but sometimes they are on the side or bottom of the television. HDMI is usually treated differently because it is a single input. It doesn’t need 2 or 4 separate cables. It just needs one cable. Sometimes HDMI cables are bad so make sure that the cable is working. It sounds odd but sometimes they are defective. The cable is the key to how to use your Sony HDTV television as a monitor with your Acer Aspire laptop.
  3. Turn on your laptop. Next turn on the television. As your laptop boots up, the television screen should change to the HDMI output. If it doesn’t, select HDMI from the input menu. Once you do, the television screen will match the laptop screen. You should see a Windows screen on your television. If you don’t see it but have performed every step above click F4 on your laptop. Sometimes this will force the connection. If the image does not appear, retry all of the steps. You need to test this circuit to perfect the connection between the two devices. This is how you will understand how to connect your Sony HDTV television as a monitor with your Acer aspire laptop.

Completing this sequence successfully allows you to use your television as a computer monitor. Please enjoy your new television and monitor! You have now learned how to use your Sony HDTV television as a monitor with your Acer aspire laptop.

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