How Can A Man Have A Prostate Orgasm?

How can a man have a prostate orgasm? One of the best ways to orgasm through the prostate is to give it a prostate massage. A prostate massage is also called “milking the prostate.” A prostate massage can give a man total sexual satisfaction and lead to an orgasm. Learn how to do it yourself by following these simple steps.

To have a prostate orgasm, you will need:

  • Latex gloves
  • Water-based lubricant
  1. Before beginning, empty your bowels and bladder. This will make things much easier for you.
  2. Wash the area around your anus and cut your finger nails. Before beginning your prostate massage, you should wash the area around your anus and cut your fingernails. Cleaning the area around your anus beforehand can help prevent infection. Trimmed nails can help prevent your anus from getting cut.
  3. Get comfortable. If you are in a comfortable position, this will be much easier for you.
  4. Use gloves. Put on a latex glove and lubricate the fingers you will be using. Gloves will help keep your hands clean.
  5. Gently insert one of your lubricated fingers into your anus. Move your finger slowly up your rectum until you feel your prostate gland. Your prostate will feel small and round—like a walnut.
  6. Stroke the prostate gland until you orgasm. Use your finger to gently stroke your prostate until you have climaxed. Do some movement variations as you massage your prostate. You can move your finger in circles, you can extend your circling motion around the sides of the anal area, or you can move your finger from side to side. Whatever feels the best to you, do it.
  7. Remove your gloves. After you have reached orgasm, remove your latex gloves and throw them away.



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