How Can A Man Wth Permenant Impotence Have A Relationship?

How can a man with permanent impotence have a relationship is a question that should be referred back our "Does Penis Size Really Matter" post in the Mademanual, because it really deals with the same issue. Which is being able to satisfy your partner sexually with what you’ve got.

Research states that 25 to 30 million men will experience impotency at some point in their life due to stress, substance abuse, inefficient testosterone levels or simply old age.  So men, if you are experiencing this issue, the most important thing to know is that you are not alone!

Besides the drugs you can take for permanent impotency (otherwise known as erectile dysfunction), that manage to help a lot, all the ladies out there need to know that just because a man is suffering from permanent impotency doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get sexually aroused or into the whole intimacy thing.  Usually permanent impotency is not the man's choice, so you women, listen up… It has nothing to do with you and it definitely doesn’t mean that he is not sexually attracted to you, nor does it mean that he is not interested in sex!

Men, be sure to keep your self-esteem up.  You have a medical problem that many have to deal with, and permanent impotency doesn’t mean permanent celibacy.  There are many things you can do to keep your partner interested in intimacy and sexual pleasure by you:

Impotency does not mean lack of manhood:  Do not ever ever be so ignorant as to acquaint permanent impotency with being a man.  All men over 30 will experience some degree of impotency within their life.  It is not about your values and it does not sum you up as a man.  It is a medical issue that to some degree in all cases can be treated to lesson the dysfunction and impotency.

Know there is help: There are specialty doctors that deal with permanent impotency they are called Urologists.  Be sure that you have not diagnosed yourself.  Go see your family practitioner for a referral now if you suspect you are suffering from permanent impotency, but have not yet consulted anyone.

Communication:  It is important to share that you permanent impotence with your partner.  Make sure they know it’s not about them.  Tell them how you feel about it, however that sexual intimacy is still a big deal to you and you want to do what it takes to please them.  Open conversation to how they like to be sexually pleasured and use your imagination to fulfill this.  Remember mind also has a lot to do with sexual pleasure.

Two important areas:  Two words for you guys, clitoris and g-spot.  Become best friends with these two areas and permanent impotency means nothing to her.

Use what you have:  Your charisma, hands, tongue.  Know this, 13 to 25 percent of women orgasm via penetration, this means most women orgasm via clitoral stimulation. Which means that the penis does not have much to do with it.

Buy toys: Introduce toys into your sex time. Dildos, things that you know will pleasure your partner

At the end of the day, it really all comes down to your personality and worth within a relationship.  Remember, sex is only one area of a fulfilling relationship.  Permanent impotency issues do not have to dictate the value you hold within your romance.





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