How Can You Connect Ps3 To Computer Lcd Monitor

By knowing how can you connect your PS3 to a computer LCD monitor, you can get high definition graphics without paying for an expensive television. Most LCD monitors are capable of displaying graphics at higher resolutions than the largest of HDTVs and can be enjoyed from the privacy of your desk.

You will need:

  • PS3
  • LCD Monitor
  • HDMI to DVI converter cable
  • Audio/Video cables
  • RCA to 3.5mm audio converter
  1. Connect the HDMI output to the PS3. Plug the HDMI cable included with the PS3 into the output slot on the back of the PS3.
  2. Connect the HDMI to DVI converter. Converters come in cable and adapter form, and are available at electronics stores or online. Plug the PS3's HDMI output cable into the HDMI slot on the adapter.
  3. Connect the monitor. Plug the DVI end of the adapter into the DVI slot on your LCD monitor. Warning: If your monitor does not have a DVI slot, you may need an additional adapter, such as a DVI to VGA connecter.
  4. Turn on the monitor and PS3. The PlayStation home screen should appear on your monitor. Change the PS3's resolution to match the monitor in the "Video Output Settings" located in the "Display Settings" section of the PlayStation menu. Warning: If you plug the PlayStation into a monitor that has a lower resolution than the PlayStation's previous settings, you may not see an image when you turn on the system. Turn the PS3 off and hold the power button for several seconds when restarting to reset the resolution settings. 
  5. Plug in the speakers. If your monitor has built-in speakers, or you wish to use computer speakers with the PS3, the audio needs to be converted as well. Use a female RCA to female 3.5 mm adapter. Many stores only sell female RCA to male 3.5 mm, and you can use this in combination with a female to female 3.5 mm adapter to make the connections compatible. Plug the RCA audio into the back of the PS3 and connect the converter. Plug the converter into your speakers or monitor audio input.


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